in 5 days!
April 12 - April 16

What you'll learn in our 5 days together:

Build your personal brand foundation AND boost your confidence with my 7 Ps

Put your presence out there to start standing out in a sea of sameness

Proven strategies to attract your ideal client and your tribe

Plus, chances to win value-added prizes just for showing up! 

What others are saying about the Personal Brand Builder Challenge: 

"Hi Tisha! I was so excited after your talk, I did my homework right away. The personality assessment was great. Apparently I am an ENFP-A which means I'm a Campaigner. I got some really great insight. This was my favorite line from the description, it's exactly how my mind works, but I never put it to words. "You see life as a big complex puzzle where everything is connected." There was a lot more that resonated but that was such a great insight for me. Thank you for that. The Core Values exercise was also powerful." 

- Lisa Schermerhorn, mindset coach

"My biggest takeaway from the Personal Brand Builder Challenge was to be authentic and to be the same person online, on your site, and in person.  Make sure they are are in alignment.  People really connect when you're what they expect after seeing/engaging with your online.  And obviously, that personal branding is a must for impact, exposure, and growth. Thank you, Tisha and team!" 

- Edward Thomas, entrepreneur

"I had no idea what to do with my personal brand. I started out having a logo built but didn't know anyone at the time to work with on an overall brand statement or process. I did each part at separate times so it didn't really result in a cohesive product at the end. I decided to invest in my personal brand now because I believe it's important but most importantly, it helps me know what I offer to my clients/customers and helps me put out a consistent message in my business. Thank you, Tisha, for the guidance and support!"

- Dan Button, realtor